Topographic map of Moresby Island showing camp sites.

Day 1- July 21
End: Directly west of Sewell Point-Moresby Island
Distance: 15km

Day 2-July 22
Start: Sewell Point
End: McGee Point-Talunkwan Island
Distance: 10km

Day 3-July 23
Start: McGee Point
End: Directly northwest of Richardson Passage; Lyell Point- Lyell Island
Distance: 15km

Day 4-July 24
Start: Richardson Passage; Lyell Point
End: Richardson Point-Lyell Island
Distance: 10km

Day 5-July 25
Start: Richardson Point
Distance: 5km

Day 6-July 26
Start: Ramsay Island
End: De la Beche Inlet-Moresby Island
Distance: 11km

Day 7- July 27
Rest day: Explore the De la Beche area

Day 8-July 28
Start: De la Beche Inlet
End: West side of Werner Bay-Moresby Island
Distance: 6km

Day 9-July 29
Start: Werner Bay
End: West side of Section Island
Distance: 9km

Day 10-July 30
Start: Section Cove Island
End: George Island
Distance: 11km

Day 11-July 31
Start: George Island
End: West of Deluge Point-Moresby Island
Distance: 3km

Day 12-August 1
Start: Deluge Point
End: Gona Point and Creek-Moresby Island
Distance: 6km

Day 13-August 2
Rest Day: Explore

Day 14-August 3
Start: Gona Point
End: Rankine Creek, directly west from Rankine Islands-Moresby Island
Distance: 5km

Day 15-August 4
Start: Rankine Creek
End: West of Ingraham Point-Moresby Island
Distance: 5km

Day 16-August 5
Start: Ingraham Point
End: Directly north of Rose Harbour, across Houston Steward Channel: Raspberry Cove-Moresby Island
Distance: 11km

Day 17-August 6
Start: Directly north of Rose Harbour, across Houston Steward Channel: Raspberry Cove
End: Rose Harbor-Kunghit Island
Distance: 1.5km


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