Highs, Lows, and Hopes

August 20, 2010

by Lauren Sinnott

Since we have gotten off the water, I have been trying to figure out how exactly to describe our epic adventure. And looking back through my journal I am reminded of our long days, full of adventures and misadventures. Each night we shared the high point of our day, low point, and a hope that tomorrow would bring. I attempted to keep track of these throughout the trip.  Below are some of my favorites, with a few of my own added footnotes.

July 22

Tara- Low: Being tired at the second channel crossing. High: pushing on kayaking at the end of the day when we were all tired and thus making it to this great spot. Hope: no rough water tomorrow.

Fiona- Low: getting to the lighthouse and seeing white caps and no cabin. High: playing with Punk[1] and seeing Jellyfish in the Louise narrows. Hope: we can catch the ebb in the morning.

Lauren- Low: getting stuck in dry suit and losing my sun glasses. High: having fun by the starfish. Hope: not spending as much time packing up the boats in the morning[2]

July 26

Tara- Low: having to get off the water when it got rougher. High: finally being able to relax at camp. Hope: that tomorrow is a less stressful day.

Fiona- Low: seeing Lauren’s face as her boat was about to crush and capsize under the rocks. High: being here at this campsite and the calm water that the evening brought. Hope: To have a relaxing morning

Lauren- Low: having to get off the water because the swell was too big this morning. High: The evening paddle and being at our amazing campsite and watching the full moon rise over a campfire. Hope: tomorrow being like this evening.

July 30

Tara- Low: Burnt quinoa stew for dinner[3]. High: every interaction with Steve,[4] especially when we asked him if there was anything we could do to help him, and he said just be nice to a stranger someday. Hope: fog is nowhere tomorrow.

Fiona- Low: fog all morning. High: same as Tara. Hope: Haida ancestors help us along on our journey to Tanu.[5]

Lauren- Low: having to put on dry suit when I didn’t think we were going to paddle. High: hot buttered rum by the fire. Hope: calm water

August 2

Tara- Low: Having to talk to Curious George High: Octopus for dinner.[6] Hope: to find fresh water.

Fiona- Low: Having to wake up at 3am and being so tired before bed High: S’mores by the campfire Hope: We run into the sail boat that was passing out fresh bread and brownies to kayakers.

Lauren- Low: Not wanting to get out of my sleeping bag this morning[7]. High: Golie’s stories and learning Haida with her Hope: that bad weather comes so we are stuck at Hot Spring Island with Golie.

[1] Punk, short for Pumpkin, was the name of Fiona’s boat.

[2] Adventure Squad takes no less than 3 hours to get anywhere.  One would think this would no longer be true. It still is.

[3] Word of advice: canned spinach does not go well with anything, especially burnt quinoa stew.

[4] Steve has not left Pacofi Bay for longer than one day in over twelve years. His favorite movie is a “Toast to the Loggers.” We watched it with him while eating cake and venison steaks.

[5] When we arrived at Tanu there were Rice Krispie treats waiting for us.

[6] One of the methods used by the Haida to catch Octupi is stunning them with bleach.

[7] This happens more often than not.


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