August 16, 2010

by Julia DeWitt

Adventure is defined by the way that it unfolds in front of you, offering you opportunities you could not have anticipated.  It pulls you out of yourself to show you things you didn’t even know that you didn’t know.  To most of us, adventures is made up of vision quests and shark infested waters.  Enlightenment and learning and unpredictable encounters with heroic strangers.  Adventure is the exhilaration of the unknown and the unanticipated.

But this Adventure Squad is finding that it can also be strange, or just downright banal in its unpredictability.  Once the kayakers got off of the water, we set up at the edge of town at a campground nestled in a tall stand of trees pressed up against the bay.  In an attempt to stay mobile and adaptive, we kept most of our things in Tara’s 1991 Volvo, Tank (named for both his durability and grinding transmission).  When we planned this trip, we decided that we would make tents our bedrooms, picnic tables our kitchen, and Tank and the odd café with free internet our moving office.

We never quite thought through what we would do if the owner of the café started giving us unkind looks when we, our charging cameras, and our computers had over-stayed our one-cup welcome, or what it might look like on the main drag of a small town when we had to gut the car to find external hard drive cords lost amongst squeeze-jelly jars and stray books.  We were tangled in cords when there was a cultural revival to learn about, a logging hisory history to study, and new terrain to discover.

But although this was not part of the grand plan to travel to the farthest western reach of Canada, committing whole days to, well, floundering is a critical part of making any experience on the road exactly what it is.  And it always seems to work out.  Now, after a shower, a warm meal, and night with our own beds, we are finally getting off to Masset today.

Fresh lingcod, crystal water, broken cameras, peanut butter stains, young activists, untouched wilderness, new faces, new places, old stories and spilled milk.  This is it.  This is the adventure.


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